High-temperature furnace for SiC oxidation and Pre / Post Oxidation Annealing

The centrotherm c.OXIDATOR high-temperature oxidation furnace has been developed for the special needs of SiC oxidation but can also be used for silicon oxidation. The high-volume furnace is available in two versions allowing wafer sizes up to 200 mm. Optionally c.OXIDATOR supports in-situ wet oxidation as well as H2 and NH3 annealing applications.

Temperatures up to 1500 °C and all other supported features open up a wide range of possibilities to SiC oxidation and the development of an oxide layer with low interface trap density (Dit) and high channel mobility.

The outstanding reactor has been designed for high performance, small footprint and low cost of ownership while offering highest process flexibility.

The tube and the heating element inside the vacuum reactor chamber are designed for a safe use of toxic and flammable gases.

Post-oxidation annealing (POA) in NO, N2O or NH3 atmosphere leads to improved SiO2/SiC interface and thus higher channel mobility as well as improved stability and lifetime of the oxide on SiC.

H2 and H2O (O2-/ H2-rich) are available for pre- and post-treatment of thermal and deposited gate oxides.

Thanks to the corrosion resistant design, chlorine provided by a DCE bubbler can also be safely used without long-term damage to the door seal and exhaust line. Chlorine can be used to clean the SiC process equipment as well as for the process itself.

Due to its vacuum capability, c.OXIDATOR can be excellently used in the development, optimization and production of high quality thermal gate oxides, as well as for a variety of pre- and post-treatments, which are also essential for deposited oxides. 


  • High-temperature SiC and Si oxidation
  • POA (Post oxidation annealing) in NO, N2O or NH3 atmosphere
  • Wet oxidation
  • High-temperature H2 substrate pre-treatment


  • Hydrox for wet oxidation
  • Automated wafer handling system

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Features & Benefits

  • High oxidation rate for thermal oxides on SiC
  • High-temperature processing from 900 to 1500 °C
  • High oxide quality
  • Oxide nitridation with NO, N2, N2O and NH3
  • O2-/ H2-rich wet oxidation
  • Safe H2/Ar and H2/N2 forming gas mixture
  • In-situ DCE chlorine cleaning
  • Small footprint
  • All metal-free heaters and insulation
  • Side-by-side installation possible
  • Automated calibration
  • Profiling thermocouple
High-temperature processing

High-temperature processing

Wafer sizes up to 200 mm

Wafer sizes up to 200 mm

Compound semiconductors

Compound semiconductors

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