Horizontal batch-type process system for multifold applications

The centrotherm c.HORICOO 200 is a field-proven and ultra-versatile tube furnace system that is available for mass and medium volume production as well as for Research and Development.

It provides reliable process capabilities and high process performance for multiple applications, such as atmospheric and low pressure diffusion as well as LPCVD processes. The process tubes can be configured for various processes with associated facilities. Within one furnace atmospheric, LPCVD or mixed-tube configuration can be installed.

All furnaces can be equipped with an integrated boat handling that enables the storage of process boats as well as an integrated wafer transfer system. Outside influences on process tubes are minimized by water-cooled heating cassettes. The softlanding system enables repeatable wafer positioning within the tube, independent from wafer load. Ease of maintenance ensures low cost of ownership and a high uptime.


Atmospheric processes

  • Wet and dry oxidation (DCE, HCl)
  • Diffusion (e.g. POCl3, BBr3)
  • Annealing (H2, N2)
  • Activation annealing
  • Contact sintering
  • Curing
  • Nitridation
  • Silicidation

LPCVD processes

  • Polysilicon and amorphous silicon
  • Doped Polysilicon
  • Silicon Nitride
  • Low stress Nitride
  • LTO | HTO
  • Oxynitride

Special processes

  • Low-pressure diffusion (POCl3)
  • Gallium diffusion
  • Aluminum pre-deposition/diffusion


  • Boat elevator and boat storages
  • Integrated full automatic wafer transfer system
  • Flowbox

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Features & Benefits

Modular design for maximum flexibility

  • Up to 5 stacked quartz or SiC process tubes
  • Selectable process tube options available
  • Quick and easy installation and start-up in clean room facilities
  • Improved safety concepts according to SEMI standards

Advanced water cooling system

  • No thermal interference between individual tubes

centrotherm CESAR II Software

  • Modern touch operating HMI
  • Remote control and maintenance possible
  • All-in-one tube control
  • SEMI-compliant recipe management
  • Intuitive user-friendly GUI
Wafer sizes up to 200 mm

Wafer sizes up to 200 mm

High process flexibility

High process flexibility

Lowest total CoO

Lowest total CoO

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