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IoT, autonomous driving or a sustainable energy supply - with our innovative thermal production solutions, we are paving the way for many future technologies. We enable our customers to manufacture ever smaller, lighter, smarter and stronger components. We show you some examples of the contribution centrotherm process technology makes in the value creation of technological innovations and products that accompany us in our everyday lives. Let's look to the future together.


We are one of the world's leading technology providers for high-temperature annealing and oxidation processes with a strong market presence especially in SiC applications.

PERC solar cells

We provide the equipment for the key thermal process steps in PERC solar cell manufacturing and are technology leading in AlOx rear side passivation.

MEMS technology

We develop production equipment for deposition, diffusion and oxidation of wafers as well as for encapsulation in finished chips.


For the production of GaN RF power transistors, we develop process equipment for high-temperature annealing and thermal oxide deposition.

Alternative carbon fibers

Our innovative low-pressure oxidation drives the production of carbon fibers from cellulose and also cuts the costs for PAN and Homo PAN fibers significantly.

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