Leading-edge LP diffusion technology for solar cell production

c.DIFF is centrotherm‘s well-established and highly versatile diffusion platform for a stable emitter formation in high-performance solar cell processing. The reliable low-pressure system is deployed both in p-type and in n-type c-Si solar cell manufacturing.

Thanks to its broad and flexible process capability and performance, c.DIFF offers excellent and repeatable results regarding emitter homogeneity even at high sheet resistivities of 200 Ω/square. Unique advantages of the batch-type equipment are the flexibility towards varying production load and process sequence as well as the continued operation in case of single tube maintenance, shut-down or process optimization.

Depending on specific production requirements centrotherm provides various configurations, e.g. regarding operating pressure, capacity and automation level.

In addition to the established 5-tube version c.DIFF LP featuring maximum flexibility and multiple process capability, c.DIFF X has recently been launched to enhance production capacity. Equipped with 10 tubes and designed for wafer diameters up to 210 mm, c.DIFF X has particularly been developed for multi-GW producers of high-efficiency p-type solar cells.


  • Low-pressure diffusion
  • Atmospheric diffusion
  • Oxidation
  • Annealing


  • Silicon Carbide (SiC) process tubes and boat
  • Connection to POCl3 Refill System

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Features & Benefits

Lowest Cost of Ownership

  • Low media and energy consumption (up to 50% POCl3 and up to 75% BBr3 savings)
  • Minimized total cost of ownership due to low footprint and facility heat load
  • Advanced water cooling system prevents thermal interference between different tubes

Maximum Flexibility

  • Fully automated boat handling for maximized tube utilization
  • Independently operated process tubes provide redundancy and high availability
  • Configuration adapted to production capacity (no. of tubes, back-to-back loading, degree of automation)
  • Easy connection to MES or production control system
  • Compatible with all common automation solutions

Processing of High-Efficiency Solar Cells

  • Exceptional homogeneity at high sheet resistivities (250 Ω/square)
  • Excellent diffusion results on both wafer sides (extended gettering effect improves material quality)
  • Highest cleanness (gas phase diffusion without residues)
  • Next generation diffusion process for advanced solar cell concepts, e.g. TopCon
  • Rapid change of gas atmosphere allows to establish new diffusion recipes and to fine-tune emitter profiles
Wafer sizes up to 210 mm

Wafer sizes up to 210 mm

Maximum process flexibility

Maximum process flexibility

Low total COO

Low total COO

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