Muffle furnace for Direct Copper Bonding (DCB)

The c.DCB conveyor furnace is especially designed for direct copper bonding (DCB) applications. The system provides a high process capability and ensures an economic and efficient production.

A PLC system with bus connection monitors and controls all relevant process parameters. Data logging of process data for documentation and quality management complements the system.

Gas purity and gas flow inside the process channel play a central role to the product quality. All c.DCB furnaces are characterized by a gas tight muffle with excellent temperature and process gas control.


  • Direct Copper Bonding


  • Profiling system with thermocouple

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Features & Benefits

  • Excellent cross-temperature uniformity (<1%)
  • Easy temperature profile adjustment by separate controlled heating zones
  • Independent gas system for N2 curtain and N2 process atmosphere
  • Process muffle tensioner
  • Conveyor belt tightener
  • Oxygen concentration analyzer
  • O2 controller with MFC for bonding and preheating area
  • Type S thermocouples
  • Manual belt wheel enables belt transport in case of power failure
  • Active cooling of housing
High process capability

High process capability

Gas tight muffle

Gas tight muffle

Low total CoO

Low total CoO

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