Production solutions

for high-efficiency solar cells

As one of the pioneers of the photovoltaics industry, centrotherm has established itself as a strong partner for renowned solar cell manufacturers with more than 40 years of experience.

We have installed over 50 turnkey production lines and more than 3500 individual process systems at our customers' sites worldwide. Our production lines have proven themselves in terms of availability and process stability in the demanding mass production of solar cells.

Know how along the entire PV value chain

centrotherm production solutions ensure optimum process flow along the entire PV value chain, and enable the production of high-efficiency solar cells and modules with an optimum cost structure. We continuously optimize production processes to improve cell efficiency, yield and production performance, and to make production more cost-effective.

Know how along the entire PV value chain
Turnkey lines
PECVD systems
Diffusion furnaces
Fast firing furnaces
„In order to develop the ideal process technology for current and upcoming cell technologies we cooperate closely with our customers and research institutes.“
Helge Haverkamp, CTO

State-of-the-art integrated production solutions

Flexible equipment designs for lowest total cost of ownership

Our modular batch-type equipment designs are designed for future process technologies with economically viable upgrade options. This enables the integration of new cell concepts or alternative coating or laser processes into existing production lines.

Flexibility regarding cell technology and wafer sizes

Together with industry partners and research institutes, our R&D teams develop technologies and production processes for highly efficient p-type and n-type solar cells such as PERC, PERT, IBC or TOPCon. Our equipment is designed for all wafer sizes up to M12 as well as potentially upcoming generations.

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