Integrated solutions

for carbon fiber production

With the expertise from more than 70 years of thermal process technology and equipment engineering, we have entered the market for high-performance fibers. Our extensive know-how in developing and deploying continuous furnaces with precise process control is the basis for cost-effective, flexible and sustainable production technology. We offer our customers scalable production concepts for R&D, demonstrations, pilot and serial production.

The constantly growing demand for high-performance fibers is leading to an increasing need for more cost-effective manufacturing processes and alternative precursors. centrotherm offers modular scalable process equipment for stabilization, carbonization and graphitization.

Advantages of centrotherm low-pressure technology

Tailored process atmosphere

Quasi-digital temperature zones and state-of-the-art and modern control technology enable a quasi-autothermal process management and a direct response on the stabilization progress.

Cost and energy savings

Low-pressure technology potentially lowers energy consumption and costs by up to 30%.

Simplified exhaust treatment

The low volume of highly concentrated off gas requires no Regenerative Thermal Oxidation (RTO) and allows direct combustion.

Reduced process time

The increased process speed results in time savings of up to 30%.

High production safety

No risk of thermal runaway thanks to processing in a closed system.

Cost and time savings by low-pressure oxidation

centrotherm low-pressure oxidation for fiber stabilization enables significant improvements in the processing of PAN precursors. Compared to the conventional circulating air process, it enables precisely matched temperature profiles as well as higher temperatures. Quasi-digital heating zones enable customized process configurations for outstanding results - even for homo-PAN fibers and with renewable precursors such as cellulose or lignin.

Cost and time savings by low-pressure oxidation

Enhanced process finetuning to fiber properties

  • Closed system
  • Improved production safety
  • Lower energy consumption (-30%)
  • Reduction of process time by 30%
  • Simplified exhaust traetment

Taking conventional technology to a new level

Homo PAN
  • Reduction of precursor costs by 35-40%
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Optimized off-gas treatment
Homo PAN

Carbon fibers from cost-effective precursors

Cellulose & Lignin
  • High availability
  • Cost-effective industrial precursor
  • No toxic emissions
  • Accelerated dehydration
  • Increased carbon yield and performance
Cellulose & Lignin

Carbon fibers from renewable raw materials

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