Pilot-scale continuous furnace for high-temperature fiber carbonization

High-temperature (HT) carbonization is applied to achieve the end product‘s target mechanical properties, in particular to increase the stiffness of carbon fibers. As part of this process step the fibers are heated up to 1800 °C under inert atmosphere in the specially developed continuous furnace c.HT Carbon.

During the LT (low-temperature) and HT carbonization steps the majority of VOCs, contaminants and exhaust gases are released, what makes the handling and abatement of off-gases one of the major challenges. This is solved by the use of a heated exhaust channel combined with condensate separation and differential pressure control.

The system provides data storage for recipes and control-related parameters as well as an Ethernet interface for external PC or remote access. Furthermore, it includes automated data collection and analysis via user interface.


  • High-temperature carbonization

Sales High-Performance Fibers

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Features & Benefits

  • Independent multi-zone temperature control
  • Integrated gas exhaust
  • Process module equipped with multi-layer thermal isolation, cooling jacket and temperature measurement

Flexibility regarding tow sizes

  • Smooth integration of inline fiber handling into production environment
  • Tow sizes up to 50k

Precise and safe inert gas atmosphere

  • Oxygen-free process environment
  • Constant oxygen measurement

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