Planned switch of former CEO to Supervisory Board and further changes to the Management and Supervisory boards

Blaubeuren, 09.10.2012

The following changes to the Management and Supervisory boards of centrotherm photovoltaics AG are planned following the agreements reached today between the currently officiating Management Board members, and the Supervisory Board members who have held office to date:

Current CEO Robert M. Hartung will step down from his position as a member of the company's Management Board by agreement with the other Management Board members and the Supervisory Board. Robert M, Hartung is to succeed his father, company founder Rolf Hartung, as a Supervisory Board member as part of succession arrangements.

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Zürn, previously the company's Supervisory Board Chairwoman, and Rolf Breyer will continue as Supervisory Board members. Due to the end of the period of office – as a consequence of the elapse of time – of the Supervisory Board members who have officiated to date, the Management Board has applied to the District Court of Ulm for the renewed appointment of Prof. Dr. Brigitte Zürn, Rolf Hartung and Rolf Breyer as Supervisory Board members. Following the effective relinquishing of his post as CEO, Robert M. Hartung is also then to be court-appointed as a Supervisory Board member in line with the proposal of TCH GmbH, which holds more than 25 percent of the voting rights in the company.

Subject to the passing of a corresponding resolution by the Supervisory Board which is to be court-appointed, further changes to the responsibilities and roles within the boards of directors of centrotherm photovoltaics AG are also planned in order to support the ongoing reorganization process. Consequently, it is intended that Peter Augustin and Hans Autenrieth should be newly appointed as Management Board members.

Peter Augustin, most recently a fully authorized representative of centrotherm photovoltaics AG and CEO of centrotherm thermal solutions GmbH & Co. KG and centrotherm cell & module GmbH, is to take over responsibility for the expansion of the core Solar Cell & Module business, and for the further diversification within the Semiconductors & Microelectronics area.

Hans Autenrieth, a company founder and former Management Board member of many years' standing, and who has been available to the company in a consultative function since June 18, 2012, is to reassume responsibility for the sales and marketing areas as part of the ongoing reorganization process.

Jan von Schuckmann, previously Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO), is to be appointed CEO. Tobias Hoefer is to remain the Management Board member responsible for the company's self-administration and for the implementation of the restructuring program.
It is also planned that Dr. Peter Fath, who has been Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to date, will step down from the Management Board as part of the reorganization process. He is nevertheless to remain connected with the company in another function with his technology expertise and his excellent network connections to international research institutions, including continuing to support and drive further ahead with activities in the MENA region, particularly in Algeria.

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