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Retrofitted thermal protection films for windows and glass façades in existing residential buildings, commercial buildings and industrial buildings offer great energy saving potential and are seen as an important tool in the...read more


When it comes to functional layers for solar thermal applications, then greatest importance is attached to the best possible absorption of solar radiation while the emission of heat (IR radiation) shall of course be as low as...read more

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Due to the recent market weakness in the photovoltaic industry centrotherm will continue its restructuring and modernization program. The technology and equipment provider for the photovoltaics and semiconductor industry...read more

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Consolidated revenue of EUR 78.1 million Positive EBITDA and reduction in consolidated loss Liquidity grows to EUR 108.7 million Difficult second half year anticipated; achieving guidance 2014 nonetheless possible read more

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With the signing of a supply agreement for a technology and systems package worth a total of around EUR 15 million, centrotherm reports its largest single order in its Photovoltaic & Semiconductor segment since the new...read more


Novel Redistribution Step Reduces Plant Energy Requirement by 30 %read more

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Low-pressure diffusion creates precondition for industrial manufacturing of high-quality emitters Highly-efficient bifacial n-type silicon solar cells in mass production PECVD process for aluminum oxide coatingread more

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